Core Academics

Academics are a vital part of the Florida School of Discipleship (FSOD).   We believe learning and knowledge go hand-in-hand with discipleship, and we put heavy emphasis on academics in order to help students become dependable, successful, and God-honoring disciples!  If God leads you to FSOD, you will not “waste a year” when you could be earning a degree.  Instead, you will be developing discipline and a firm foundation in your walk with God, you will make  life-long friendships – all while getting college credits!


Accredited Courses

This option costs more, but gives you college credits that can be built upon to earn a college degree after FSOD.  If you know that you’re going to go to college, this option is a “no brainer.” We currently offer classes through Moody Bible Institute’s Distance Learning program based out of Chicago, Illinois (one of the highest-rated Christian colleges in America with very high academic standards).  All of our classes are taken online or through correspondence with constant oversight from our resident college professor and academic advisor, Mindy Hoeth.

Ministerial Courses

If obtaining a college degree isn’t your plan, and  you know that you want to enter into a ministry field, then Global University’s Berean School of the Bible is your best choice.  Students take correspondence courses and upon successful completion of the coursework are eligible to pursue ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.  This option is also beneficial if you want to increase your Bible knowledge.

Scripture Memory & Word Devours

FSOD believes studying the Word and ‘hiding God’s Word in our hearts’  is of utmost importance.  Therefore, every student has time each day to read the Word. From these devotions students select verses to memorize each week.  We want students to not just know the words that make up the Bible,  but to know more about what God is telling us by studying the context, culture, and intent of the writers.  By learning how to use Bible study tools, students are equipped with the skills for a lifetime of deeper study of God’s Word.


We find that although students have a genuine passion for God, far too many of them do not know basic theology.  Without a firm foundation of what we believe, it is way too easy for the enemy to sway us from the Truth.  This is why we developed a curriculum called Foundations so we can know the Truth by challenging our beliefs through study and discussion led by capable teachers.